Kids don't want to sit around with their parents today. They've got digital games to play. Their friends are sharing their lives on social media. Their celebrity heroes are continually creating FOMO (fear of missing out) videos on Snapchat. Never in the history of the universe has there been so many distractions for clever little young minds. Here's how you can compete - old school - and bring those kids back into your family fold. 

DIY Home Decor Rule: Let's Get Artsy-Fartsy!

We have a strange rule in our home that everyone hated at first. But like an annoying weed in fertile soil, it grew into a wonderous thing that we’ve learned to appreciate. Any art that appears on our walls at home must be made in the home.

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Kid-Friendly Rewards & Incentive

Human motivation has been studied for years by psychologists and marketers. The findings consistently show there is no doubt incentives work.

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Fun Family Unit Games & Activities

Now retired from crazy parties and raising a family of his own, Fresh has decided to disclose all his secrets so you can create magnificent events that create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Family Board Game