The single most important thing you can do with your children and family is communicate with them. Discover their needs, wants, desires, successes, and fears. You can't garner this information if you don't meet with them. Facetime is a nice app, but nothing replaces the true face-to-face communication that has build successful families for millennia. Your family is a gift! Spend as much time with them as you can, while you can.  

Little Girl with Christmas Present

Holidays! Don't Wait - Celebrate Tuesdays!

by olivia black

In the fall of 1995, I almost got burned. I lived in Princeton, New Jersey, about an hour and some from my parents in North Philadelphia. I thought I’d skip Thanksgiving dinner and catch up at Christmas.

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Family Dinners: Bring Them Back

by olivia black

Dining rooms are no longer included in many new home designs. We don’t have one. As a matter of fact, kitchen tables are being replaced with sit-down kitchen islands or counters.

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Road Trips. Let's Go!

by olivia black

Like any old thing, home can get boring. But it can be expensive to herd the F.U. into the minivan and head to a traditional and well-publicized commercial establishment!

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by chuck fresh

There are four major networks. Plus Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Disney, and countless cable networks providing a crazy amount of content. It's hard to decide what to watch, and even more difficult to determine what's worthwhile. And even more difficult to find something to watch as an F.U. 

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