We've written several books and articles on parenting, and in the interest in making America great again, we've decided to share our thoughts with you. Our observations of the development of our own children as well as friends, neighbors, and family has given us a ton of objective material to analyze, and countless ideas that have helped our families. We hope you'll find these thoughts and ideas helpful in your own family unit too! Enjoy the adventure, and thanks for stopping by. 


Blended Families: The New Normal

“My life used to be better, before you got here,” said the insecure teen girl to her well-intentioned stepfather. Out of nowhere, she produced that well-aimed dagger and plunged it directly through his heart.

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Fairies, Crutches & Other Bad Ideas

I have to laugh when I think of certain devoted parents I personally know who cater to their child’s every whim. I just don't get it.

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Hello, My Name is Pig

An old neighbor of mine was very fond of the first name Jesus. It's an awesome name, really. The biblical version of that particular first name isn’t too typical in English-speaking American circles...

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