Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to scan and cut with a Brother Scan and Cut SDX125E

Updated: Feb 24

The Brother Scan and Cut SDX125E is an AMAZING machine. Unfortunately, it's not very intuitive, and the instructions suck. So after several hours of trial and error, we figured it out. Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how you can scan virtually any image on Earth, crop it, resize it, and then cut it out on vinyl to place it on a cup, window, t-shirt, wall, or anywhere you can imagine. Enjoy!

Find an image you want to cut on vinyl, print it and then scan it:

  1. Print image on white cardstock on laser printer

  2. Used black sharpie to fill in any spots that didn’t come through completely

  3. Place cardstock on mat (I used a Brother standard mat which worked but there is a Brother scanning mat which I plan to purchase and do a comparison)

  4. Place mat on the Brother Scan and Cut machine between the guides

  5. Press load button

  6. From home screen, select scan

  7. Scroll right and select Transfer to CanvasWorkspace

  8. Select start

  9. Scan starts

  10. When scan is done, touchscreen says “finished transferring.” Press ok.

  11. Press unload button to unload mat

Edit scanned image and add text

  1. Open CanvasWorkspace on your computer

  2. Select File --> "Import from Cutting Machine" --> Scanned Image

  3. The image appears in workspace

  4. From the left tools menu, select “Image Tracing”

  5. From the pop-up, select “An Image Scanned by Your Machine”

  6. From the Image Tracing screen, use the blue boxes to drag around the parts of the image you want to use

  7. Uncheck “Paste the Image on the Drawing Area”

  8. From Tracing Options, select “Trace Outer Edge Only”

  9. Select Preview

  10. Select Ok

  11. Back in the workspace, move the scanned image to the reveal the traced image

  12. From the right tools menu, select Layers

  13. Turn off the scanned image by clicking on the eyeball

  14. Click and drag to select all pieces and in the Layers menu, right click on one of the selected layers and select Group

  15. Add some text by selecting the text tool from the left tools menu

  16. Click in the workspace area and type the text you want

  17. A new menu appears at the top as along as the text is selected.

  18. Change the color, font, weight, etc. if you want

  19. Position the words under your image and size down using the blue boxes

  20. Select both the image and the words by clicking and dragging

  21. From the right tools menu, select Edit

  22. From the Edit menu, align the objects center

  23. With both the words and image still selected, go to Layers, right click on one of the selected layers and select Group

  24. Turn the ruler on by selecting the Display menu at the top, select Show Ruler

  25. Size image using blue boxes.

  26. To cut the image on vinyl, select File --> Export Transfer FCM File. A message appears letting you know that hidden objects won’t be exported. Select Ok.

  27. From the Export/Transfer FCM File, select “Transfer FCM File via the Internet”

  28. A message appears say “The registered machine is ready to download the transferred file from the internet." Select Ok.

Time to cut your image on vinyl:

  1. Back on the Brother Scan and Cut machine, select the Home button to get back to the main screen then select “Retrieve Data” from the touchscreen

  2. Select computer with wifi

  3. Drag the image to the upper right corner

  4. Select Ok

  5. Select “Please Select”

  6. Select Cut

  7. Select the wrench

  8. Scroll down to make sure Half Cut is on which is needed when cutting vinyl

  9. Click Ok

  10. Add vinyl to cutting mat

  11. Load mat into machine using the load button

  12. Select Start

  13. Display shows time to complete cutting

  14. When cutting is complete, select Ok then select the unload button

  15. Weed image then use transfer tape and apply image where wanted

Easy peasy!