Life is fragile. Our sack of skin, bones, and fluids isn't as durable as it should be. Children have died as a result of head injuries sustained in fistfights. And no matter how long your Monday might seem, life is short. The average human will only live roughly 4,700 Mondays. That's kind of awakening, ain't it? Here are some of the ways we've discovered in which you can effectively protect your own flock and make the most of your time with your family unit. 

Security Guard

Family Security Officer

by olivia black

As a parent or guardian, you will be legally responsible for the welfare of your minor children. No, you cannot ever just leave your one-year-old daughter locked in the car, not even for 30 seconds.

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Recognizing Bullies & Bullying

by olivia black

Josh was a small kid, in high school. He guesses he weighed about 70 pounds as a freshman. Of course, there were kids who had developed faster, but there were also a number of kids in Josh’s size 5 shoes. Teens will be teens, and bullying is apparently what you do. 

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